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Enjoy a wonderful fun-filled time with your family, friends and loved ones.

ELVAN STONE ROOM offers healing properties specifically for the benefit of the skin. Elvan stone is known to minimize freckles and reduce the look of blotchy skin. Delving deeper, it can also help reduce the burden on the kidneys and liver.

FOREST ROOM provides rich and fresh in Oxygen. Breathe in the fresh forest air. Oxygen is vital to your immune system, memory, thinking and sight. This room strengthens your heart, calms your mind, stabilizes your nervous system, and promotes healing.

GOLD ROOM promotes energy, immunity and anti-aging. This room increases concentration, frees the mind from stress, and reduces pain. The activation of internal energy has the effect of detoxification on the body.

HIMALAYAN SALT ROOM is lined with pure blocks of salt. This mineral-rich salt detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH, reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration, and helps balance blood sugar and hormone.

ICE ROOM helps cool down heated muscles. After hot sauna, this room will lower your body temperature contracting your skin pores. It helps strengthen the immune system, firms the skin, and revitalizes the skin cells.

LOESS SOIL ROOM provides a unique meditative environment, promotes blood circulation, and relieves stress. The soothing smell of the Loess Soil and natural herbs help to calm and relax your body.

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We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Treatment times are not extended based on late arrivals. For cancellation with less than 48 hours notice and no-call, no-show, there will be 100% charge for your service.

For safety reasons, children under 3 years of age are not allowed. 

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