Spa Guide

When you are checking-in, you will need to bring a valid ID or driver's license. Each visitor is provided with an electronic locker keys which will be used throughout the visit. The key may be used to open/close locker, purchase food or drinks and pay for extra spa services.


Check-In, Pay, Receive Uniform

After paying an admission fee, you will receive a locker key and uniform. Keep your key around your wrist at all times.

Changing Room

Enter spa locker room, use your key for your locker. Leave your belonging in the locker.
Please make sure your lockers are securely locked prior to leaving the area.We recommend you bring your own slippers and extra bath towels. NO shoe or foot ware is to be worn at anytime while inside the facility. Please keep your voice minimal at all times in all area of the spa.

Shower / Bath

To help ensure the spa stays as sanitary as possible, you must shower before using the spa pools and any wet saunas. NO cell phone is permitted in the Bathing Area.

Enjoy Jimjilbang and other facilities

Put on the uniform you were given and you may go to communal area and enjoy the rest of the sauna facilities. Scan your key to purchase food, snacks, and beverages at the restaurant and juice bar, OR any spa services and treatments.


When finished, return to the locker room. Take a shower and get changed to wrap up. Leave any used towels and uniforms in the laundry basket. Please return your key to the front desk upon check-out. Pay the accumulated balance on your key if any.